Petaluma Family Photography

Every year I get the honor of photographing this sweet family! Most of my business is in San Francisco but I actually live in Petaluma. When my daughters were babies, I joined the Petaluma Mothers’ Club (PMC) to make some friends and to fellowship with other moms. It is HARD raising children, and simply having adult conversations helps alleviate the stress of motherhood!

I started photographing this mama and  her family back when we were in the PMC together, meeting on blankets in the park. Her son was always one step ahead of everyone – even the adults! Every year, we get together for a fun-filled crazy mini session somewhere in Petaluma. This year, we were downtown with the brick buildings and bridge across the river. Location is everything, and this family needed to be photographed in their element. We chased the sun and captured the big love of this family. Big brother is enamored with his little sis (as we all are!) and he just wants to snuggle her! It is an adorable relationship to capture.

I love this little town and all of the support I have gotten from sweet families like this one.

girl, peach dress, white hair bow, curly hair

downtown Petaluma, cobblestone street, brick sidewalk, little girl, Saltwater sandals, peach dress, curly hair

Petaluma sibling photography, downtown Petaluma, Petaluma trolley tracks, boy kissing girl on cheek, Saltwater sandals, Keen sandals, peach dress, white polo shirt, blue chino shorts

little girl kissing big brother on cheek, embracing siblings, hugging siblings, Keen sandals, Saltwater sandals, curly haired little girl, Petaluma cable car tracks, downtown Petaluma

white hair bow, curly haired little girl, big brown eyes, peach dress, big brother whispering to little sister, white polo shirt, blue chino shorts, Photography by Emily Payne

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fun family photo, fun family picture idea, son, mother, daughter, father, brick wall, downtown Petaluma

laughing mother and son, sweater dress, white polo shirt, pull-on chino shorts for boys, downtown Petaluma

downtown Petaluma stairs, brother and sister, white polo shirt, chambray shorts, white hair bow, curly haired girl, peach dress, Photography by Emily Payne

smiling brother and sister, Petaluma steps, downtown Petaluma, sibling photography, white boys shirt, chambray shorts for boys, leather sandals for boys

brick wall backdrop, little curly haired girl, peach dress, Saltwater sandals, big brother, white boys shirt, blue boys shorts, leather boys sandals

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beautiful California family of 4, 4 people, 2 children, 2 adults, brick wall, smiling people, smiling family, Petaluma, downtown Petaluma


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