Baby Barclay | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

What a thrill to meet newborn Barclay at just a few days old! He was such an adorable baby with big delicious cheeks. Both mom and dad are from Europe and were ready to start Barcaly’s life here in the Bay Area. I loved the natural elements in their home and the things they brought with them from their hometowns. Mom was so sweet when she first contacted me, we chatted for quite some time. She decided to work with me and mentioned that her husband “likes my eye and is into photography”. Cool! I love when clients value and appreciate what I see and capture.

Barclay did great during our session at their home. He slept, ate, projectile pooped, ate and then slept again. Just exactly what is expected from a newborn!

I set up a few scenes for him with baskets and wraps. He loved to be all cozy. We were lucky to time the session to capture Grandmother and Great Grandmother in the session as well.   I can’t wait to see Barclay grow!

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Photography by Emily Payne

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San Francisco

Newborn Photographer