Ellie: Sweet Newborn In-Studio Portrait Session!

I loved having little Ellie in my studio for her newborn photography session!

Mom contacted me a few months before the session (I appreciate this as it allows everyone to be extra prepared). She wasn’t sure whether she wanted an in-home session, or one in the studio. I let the her choose AFTER the baby was born so she could decide what was most comfortable for her. Mom decided that the studio would be best, and I sent her some information on how to best prepare for the session – including feeding Ellie before leaving and dressing her in a zip up, or button up, outfit. It was my hope that she would be lulled to sleep in the car with a full belly. Ellie arrived, and she was fast asleep! Perfect!

I took her out of the car seat so she wouldn’t be enticed to nurse again, undressed her and swaddled her in a soft pink wrap.

We started in a sweet basket, quickly moving on to the next scene. She was amazing and slept like a “baby”! Look at her sweet poses on the white swatch of fur!

I thought you would like to see some behind-the-scenes photos taken by mom and dad to get an idea of the space; and to see what I do!

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Photography by Emily Payne

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San Francisco

Newborn Photographer