Mary Beth’s Surprise in-home newborn session!


I have had some interesting requests throughout my 15 years being a photographer. Doing a surprise photo session for a new mom was definitely a first for me! Here’s the story: Grandma was planning a surprise visit to see her new grandbaby here in San Francisco.  She thought it would be so special to book a photography session while she was in town, and I thought it was special as well.

However, I was a HOT MESS after giving birth to my second daughter; I had to warn grandma that this might not be the best idea. She totally understood but went along with the plan. Grandma arrived on a Friday and we were scheduled for the newborn session on Saturday. Grandma did tell them so they had time to prepare that night. I am so happy that everyone was calm, rested and excited for the session!

Mom was thrilled that, thus far, Mary Beth had been a great sleeper and an easy baby. Thank goodness! Mary Beth was a star and her big sister, Boon, stole the show.

I was so thrilled that everyone was eager for the session and ready to photograph once I arrived at their home. Grandma brought a beautiful swaddle to wrap Mary Beth in. She looked like a perfect present! Boon had a blast kissing her new baby sister – I guess the surprise was a good one after all!

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Photography by Emily Payne

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