Newborn Harrison: 5 days old! | Photography by Emily Payne

 Posted on May 30, 2017

Mom and dad were surprised with the arrival of their son 3 weeks early! He was just 5 lbs but had the most adorable big feet and hands. I was so honored to be one of the first people to meet little Harrison. This is one of the reasons I love going to clients homes, when the baby is just 5 days old, it is difficult to move let alone leave the house. Harrison’s mom had it all together! His nursery was set up and they were ready. I guess he knew it was time to come home since they were prepared for him! Mom looked amazing and was calm and serene during our photo session. No wonder he smiled in moms arms!

I really love photographing in home newborns. I can get a unique variety of photographs every time. Here, I used their amazing wood floor from their super cool San Francisco apartment as a backdrop. I also set up my little studio right there in the home to capture the sweet cuddly poses just like I would in the studio.

Newborn Remy | San Francisco In home Newborn Photography

 Posted on May 22, 2017

It’s the greatest honor to photograph a newborn just days after they have entered this world; It’s an even greater honor to be asked back to photograph their siblings! Big brother Sebastian was sweet with his new sister, Remy – he wanted to hold her hand and kiss her!

It was a beautiful day in San Francisco when I went to their Russian Hill home to photograph this family of four. I had been to this cool house when photographing mom pregnant and Sebastian as a newborn, so I was familiar with the space. I knew I wanted to work in mom and dad’s bedroom because the light is great and they have an awesome bed! I love photographing families on their bed as it’s a familiar and comfortable spot for the kids. Sebastian loved being right there with his parents. He especially loved flopping on the pillows…who doesn’t!?

The cool thing about photographing newborn babies in their home is that we can get very unique photographs within their space. Since I set up a studio in the home, I also got some amazing posed photographs just like I would at the studio!

Baker Beach Maternity Portrait | Photography by Emily Payne

 Posted on May 9, 2017

This is the maternity portrait session I think of when someone asks to capture their pregnancy at Baker Beach. This couple was so sweet,  the sunset was perfect, and the photos are exactly what they wanted!

They brought their very good friend to give them a ride (to avoid parking issues) and to do some light translating for me and them. They were so in love and so excited about their baby-to-be that they didn’t need much direction! They were absolute naturals. Look at the beautiful sunset. We timed the session perfectly. We had some funny mishaps before the session but you would never know it from the photos. (Dad sent his shirt to the dry cleaners but couldn’t pick it up because they are closed on Sundays!)

Dad said, ” How amazing the photos are! My wife loves them all. Thank you so much!” This session made me fall in love with Baker Beach in a new way!

Ellie: Sweet Newborn In-Studio Portrait Session!

 Posted on May 2, 2017

I loved having little Ellie in my studio for her newborn photography session!

Mom contacted me a few months before the session (I appreciate this as it allows everyone to be extra prepared). She wasn’t sure whether she wanted an in-home session, or one in the studio. I let the her choose AFTER the baby was born so she could decide what was most comfortable for her. Mom decided that the studio would be best, and I sent her some information on how to best prepare for the session – including feeding Ellie before leaving and dressing her in a zip up, or button up, outfit. It was my hope that she would be lulled to sleep in the car with a full belly. Ellie arrived, and she was fast asleep! Perfect!

I took her out of the car seat so she wouldn’t be enticed to nurse again, undressed her and swaddled her in a soft pink wrap.

We started in a sweet basket, quickly moving on to the next scene. She was amazing and slept like a “baby”! Look at her sweet poses on the white swatch of fur!

I thought you would like to see some behind-the-scenes photos taken by mom and dad to get an idea of the space; and to see what I do!