James, 7 days! | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

 Posted on December 16, 2014

Welcome to the world, James!

James did fabulous during our shoot at his home in San Francisco! He gave us some sleepy time, some adorable smiles and some awake time to capture his eyes. Enjoy!

Baker Beach Beauty! | San Francisco Maternity Photographer

 Posted on November 16, 2014

This is not your typical day in November at Baker beach. Actually, I expect this type of weather in June and July but not in November! Usually, it is sunny and eerily warm at baker beach in November! However…. this beautiful mom-to-be was absolutely stunning at her (nearly) private fogged in beach. I am so in awe of her beauty and her beautiful dress from Etsy!

Taylor, 11 days! |San Francisco Newborn Photographer

 Posted on October 6, 2014

Taylor came a little early for mom and dad. Mom and dad scrambled to find a newborn photographer that was available with very short notice and thankfully I happened to be waiting for 3 babies that were all 1-2 weeks late! I was thrilled to be able to create some beautiful images for them at their home.

I love photographing a newborn with the  four legged first born of the family! Although it is not easy, I have some tricks to make it safe and successful!

Little Miss Summer! Just 9 days!

 Posted on September 17, 2014

Beautiful baby girl, Summer, graced our studio with sweetness and grace. She was awake for quite a while wanting to eat and nuzzle with mom and dad but eventually fell into a wonderful deep sleep. We were able to get all of the poses that mom and dad wanted! So beautiful.