Baker Beach Maternity Portrait | Photography by Emily Payne

 Posted on May 9, 2017

This is the maternity portrait session I think of when someone asks to capture their pregnancy at Baker Beach. This couple was so sweet,  the sunset was perfect, and the photos are exactly what they wanted!

They brought their very good friend to give them a ride (to avoid parking issues) and to do some light translating for me and them. They were so in love and so excited about their baby-to-be that they didn’t need much direction! They were absolute naturals. Look at the beautiful sunset. We timed the session perfectly. We had some funny mishaps before the session but you would never know it from the photos. (Dad sent his shirt to the dry cleaners but couldn’t pick it up because they are closed on Sundays!)

Dad said, ” How amazing the photos are! My wife loves them all. Thank you so much!” This session made me fall in love with Baker Beach in a new way!

Ellie: Sweet Newborn In-Studio Portrait Session!

 Posted on May 2, 2017

I loved having little Ellie in my studio for her newborn photography session!

Mom contacted me a few months before the session (I appreciate this as it allows everyone to be extra prepared). She wasn’t sure whether she wanted an in-home session, or one in the studio. I let the her choose AFTER the baby was born so she could decide what was most comfortable for her. Mom decided that the studio would be best, and I sent her some information on how to best prepare for the session – including feeding Ellie before leaving and dressing her in a zip up, or button up, outfit. It was my hope that she would be lulled to sleep in the car with a full belly. Ellie arrived, and she was fast asleep! Perfect!

I took her out of the car seat so she wouldn’t be enticed to nurse again, undressed her and swaddled her in a soft pink wrap.

We started in a sweet basket, quickly moving on to the next scene. She was amazing and slept like a “baby”! Look at her sweet poses on the white swatch of fur!

I thought you would like to see some behind-the-scenes photos taken by mom and dad to get an idea of the space; and to see what I do!

Mary Beth’s Surprise in-home newborn session!

 Posted on April 28, 2017


I have had some interesting requests throughout my 15 years being a photographer. Doing a surprise photo session for a new mom was definitely a first for me! Here’s the story: Grandma was planning a surprise visit to see her new grandbaby here in San Francisco.  She thought it would be so special to book a photography session while she was in town, and I thought it was special as well.

However, I was a HOT MESS after giving birth to my second daughter; I had to warn grandma that this might not be the best idea. She totally understood but went along with the plan. Grandma arrived on a Friday and we were scheduled for the newborn session on Saturday. Grandma did tell them so they had time to prepare that night. I am so happy that everyone was calm, rested and excited for the session!

Mom was thrilled that, thus far, Mary Beth had been a great sleeper and an easy baby. Thank goodness! Mary Beth was a star and her big sister, Boon, stole the show.

I was so thrilled that everyone was eager for the session and ready to photograph once I arrived at their home. Grandma brought a beautiful swaddle to wrap Mary Beth in. She looked like a perfect present! Boon had a blast kissing her new baby sister – I guess the surprise was a good one after all!

Introducing Marshall: In-home newborn Session

 Posted on April 26, 2017

Hello! I did a quick in home newborn family session for my dear friends after they welcomed their new baby, Marshall, to their family. This particular session is with a beautiful friend who has been there for me with meals and support with my two children. She had a perfect birth at Thrive Birth Center in Santa Rosa, and both of our preschoolers go to Spring Hill School together! This was just a quick session to capture some sweet moments of the family together. I love in-home newborn sessions; they capture the intimacy and comfort of the home. Also, mom and didn’t have to pack up two kids and all of their stuff! Mr. Marshall loved to spit up too… being at home allowed them to have everything within an arms reach for quick clean ups!

The happy family with new addition, Marshall.

Mom and dad with Marshall.

Dad wth Marshall.


Big sister Isla holds her new baby brother.

Siblings have a special place in each others lives. Sure, they’ll drive each other crazy down the road, but look at that sweet smile she has – just for her new baby brother. I can’t believe Marshall gave me this huge smile at just a few days old! He is a very smiley guy now!

Isla and Marshall.

Isla and Marshall.

…just the right amount of playing for a nice mid-day nap.

There’s something intrinsically special about capturing the family with their newborn during an in-home photo shoot.  Contact me to set up your newborn session here!