Newborn Adeline | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

 Posted on July 15, 2017

There is no better feeling than having a mom come back to me with their second baby! I loved photographing the story of mom’s pregnancy with her first baby and how the family came together when little Spencer was born. I was so honored to photograph their second newborn baby,  sweet Adeline! I love neutral colors but we decided a little pink was going to be amazing for this little girl! Mom was a little nervous about how Spencer would behave at the studio session as he did not seem super interested in his new sister yet. Well, they were so surprised that he did amazing! I played a little game with him so he would snuggle next to her on the fur carpet. Mom was floored! I was so happy to create these images for her right away so she could relax and enjoy the rest of the session!

Mom said, “Thank you so much! These are beautiful! I’m so amazed by how these turned out.  They turned out amazing.  Thank you again for your patience photographing a toddler and a newborn! ”  I am so excited to see her grow!

Newborn Celine | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

 Posted on June 27, 2017

Usually,  expecting moms contact me before their due date so we can plan for their newborn session. I just love that this amazing and caring dad took on the task of finding a newborn photographer for his new family after their baby arrived. We arranged the newborn session to take place at their fabulous San Francisco apartment. Once I arrived, I could tell that this dad was so enamored by his new daughter! He had all sorts of fun facts about newborns to share that he had been researching. Mom was absolutely stunning. She looked so beautiful and calm and loved snuggling her little love.

Newborn Celine blew me away! She impressed her parents as well. She did all of the poses and positions that we wanted and she slept like a champ. Mom and dad were elated! They had had a tough few weeks caring for and learning about their new little love. This photo session allowed them to stop and enjoy her beauty for a few moments!

Celine is absolutely beautiful. She looked so much like both her mom and dad who were both stunning themselves! Mom said, “Thank you so much Emily! They are amazing ❤❤❤️”




Newborn DJ | San Francisco In Home Photography

 Posted on June 23, 2017

Baby DJ blessed his mom and dad,  arriving at 10lbs and 22 inches long! This big munchkin was incredible. Mom and dad were worried that he would be fussy during the newborn session but he did amazing! I arrived at their cool house in Emeryville ready with all of my props. The neat thing about doing an in-home newborn session is that I can achieve the unique, relaxed family photos in the comfort of their home AND I can create the sweet studio-like poses as well. I love that.

DJ did great. He took a break to eat in between our setups which worked out perfectly. We ended up photographing at their home for about 3 hours to get all of the set ups that mom and dad wanted. DJ nailed it!

Just look at his adorable chunky arms and lips!

Tara Firma Farms Portrait | Sonoma County Portrait Photographer

 Posted on June 16, 2017

This was such a special session! Mrs L. contacted me and requested a photo session with her family with natural rolling hills and tall grass. There are so many places like this in Marin and Petaluma but often it is private property. I found the perfect location after a recent visit to my CSA farm, Tara Firma Farms. They have rolling hills, tall grass and after a little hike, a serene lake.

The farm agreed to allow me to photograph on their property and encouraged me to donate to their institute whose goal is “to educate our friends, families, and communities about their local food shelter, share and develop techniques for proper animal and pasture management, and to promote knowing your farmers!” Check out more about the institute here:

My family gets a delivery of fresh, organic vegetables and pasture raised eggs every week and an ice chest of meat every two weeks. We love the quality of the food and the mission of the farm. I gladly made a donation and offered that option to my client as well. She was eager to participate and to get such an amazing location for her session.

They made the long drive from San Francisco all the way to Petaluma just for this session. Mom had mentioned that her son was just about to loose a tooth and was initially hoping that we could do the session before it fell out. Then, it got a little gruesome and they hoped that the tooth would go ahead and come out BEFORE the session! With a little coaxing ($$$), the tooth came out and left a beautiful and dignified hole! We laughed about the story and big brother had a little bit of a hard time smiling with his new look. He quickly got the hang of it and we were off!

First things first. We head towards the trail to the lake and chickens are milling about pecking and picking near the trail. They were so funny because it is not like they moved out of the way when you walked near them. No fear, I guess! So, we had some photo bombers and close encounters that made me only slightly uncomfortable!


What did make me uncomfortable was the next animal that the family saw on our tiny hike….. A king snake. I am so glad I did not see it. I would have screamed! I know they are good snakes, but… I still would have screamed. So, that happened! I only shrieked 6 times on the hike when something or other scurried across the trail too close to my feet. I am not joking, I tried to hold it in, but out came the screech.

We made it up to the lake and although we didn’t photograph the lake itself, the surrounding area was absolutely stunning.

We had the kids sit in the high grass (on a mini wool blanket) to capture some of the beautiful afternoon back light. There was a snake skin right next to them which they thought was pretty cool.

All in all, it was an amazing portrait session.

Mom said, “Emily!!  These are amazing!  Thank you so much, we all really enjoyed our time with you and it shows.  The location and the lighting are magical, the photos of the two kids are fantastic, especially when you consider the first few!  I love it, we can’t thank you enough, and we look forward to seeing you again–maybe {little sister} will be missing half her teeth next time!”