Little Zane | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

 Posted on June 21, 2018

Little newborn Zane was so adorable for our session! He made so many adorable expressions, we were all laughing! I love offering in home sessions so moms and dads don’t have to pack the bags, pack the milk, pack up the baby and figure out the car seat. Just let me come over and you don’t have to do anything! This mom was so grateful to not have to walk down her stairs! I love their beautiful San Francisco home. Check out the adorable nursery book shelf too!   Mom said, “Thanks Emily! We absolutely LOVE all of the photos! Thanks again for capturing these precious moments for us.”

Baby Bennett | Photography by Emily Payne

 Posted on June 20, 2018

Little baby Bennett came into loving arms of his mom, dad and proud big brother, Jackson. Jackson at age 3 blew me away with his sweetness and with his knowledge of trains! Most of all, he just loved his baby brother. He couldn’t wait for his turn to hold Bennett. He wanted to share his lovey with his brother and snuggle with him on the floor. I was so honored to come back to this cool home in Pinole to capture Bennett just as I had captured Jackson 3 years prior.  Mom was so happy with the photos and reported, “These photos are so beautiful we could look at them all day! I can’t believe what genuine smiles you got out of Jackson. Not a single “cheeeeeese” face in the bunch. :)”

I also received an adorable hand colored note from Jackson a few weeks later because we made such a cool connection!


Baby Brandon | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

 Posted on May 1, 2018

I asked mom and dad how they came up with the name for their newborn, Brandon. It was such a sweet story. Dad’s grandmother had passed away during the first trimester of the pregnancy. Mom and dad were not telling anyone about the pregnancy just yet but they were very excited. They wanted to honor the grandmother so when they found out it was a boy, they named him Brandon, after the town she lived in. I thought that was so sweet.

Mom and dad were so excited that they actually contacted me 6 months before Brandon was due. That is planning ahead and I love it!

Brandon was such a sweetheart and mom and dad knew just what to do to keep him calm. He was already 2 weeks old when they came to the studio and they all seemed so comfortable and calm. Look at his sweet eyelashes and little expressions! I love when a newborn smiles and I also love when they have their eyes open and are calm! What a treat to capture this sweet little boy.

Newborn Sabeer | San Francisco Baby Photographer

 Posted on April 9, 2018

This little baby surprised mom and dad a bit earlier than expected. He was so tiny and absolutely perfect. I was honored to be invited to their apartment in San Francisco to photograph newborn Sabeer. He was so sweet and calm. He slept almost the whole time with breaks just to eat. Look closely at those adorable eyelashes. I was so impressed (and a little jealous) of those long and beautiful lashes! I love capturing the tiny parts with my macro lens so mom and dad can remember just how little he was. Mom and dad both had a lot of ideas for his newborn session and we were able to create so many options for them inside their apartment!