5 Day Old Newborn!

I was so honored to photograph tiny newborn baby E at his house in San Rafael. I have been friends with mom and dad for many years. I even went to Germany to photograph their wedding in 2009. That was a lifetime ago!

This little guy graced their family as a tiny 6lb bundle of joy. Big sis was THRILLED to have a little brother to love and dote on. She kept telling her dad, “Dad, you need to shush him differently, you are doing it wrong!” I thought that was hilarious! 7 year old big sisters know how it is done, apparently!

Baby E was just 5 days when I met him. It took him a while to settle but once he did, he was amazing and gave us a big smile too! I am so honored to get to see my friends and their babies at the most tender and special time.

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Photography by Emily Payne

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San Francisco

Newborn Photographer