Baby Brandon | San Francisco Newborn Photographer

I asked mom and dad how they came up with the name for their newborn, Brandon. It was such a sweet story. Dad’s grandmother had passed away during the first trimester of the pregnancy. Mom and dad were not telling anyone about the pregnancy just yet but they were very excited. They wanted to honor the grandmother so when they found out it was a boy, they named him Brandon, after the town she lived in. I thought that was so sweet.

Mom and dad were so excited that they actually contacted me 6 months before Brandon was due. That is planning ahead and I love it!

Brandon was such a sweetheart and mom and dad knew just what to do to keep him calm. He was already 2 weeks old when they came to the studio and they all seemed so comfortable and calm. Look at his sweet eyelashes and little expressions! I love when a newborn smiles and I also love when they have their eyes open and are calm! What a treat to capture this sweet little boy.

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Photography by Emily Payne

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San Francisco

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