5 Things To Do Before a Studio Session With Your Newborn

After having a baby, things get hectic. It is best to contact your photographer while you’re pregnant to set up your newborn studio session. Our studio accepts about 4 sessions per month!  The best-laid plans get scrapped, but with a little bit of preparation, you won’t miss the chance to capture photos your newborn that you’ll cherish forever – especially once the sleepless nights and dirty diapers are a distant memory.

Here are five ways to get prepared for your newborn photo session to help it go smoothly, and keep stress to a minimum:

Look at samples and choose your favorites. Check out my website and blog for examples of what we can do during the session, and send me your favorites so I can plan and prepare. I want to capture images that reflect your style, and one of the things that could help is if you send me details about the nursery colors and the main colors in your home.

Ask me about clothing and wrap options. Since you’ve planned ahead, we have plenty of time to talk about the items that I can provide. We may decide that you want something unique and special for your baby, and in that case, I can help you select items that will fit your newborn for our photo session.

Prepare a diaper bag. The studio is fully stocked with diapers and wipes – just in case, but bring along blankets and burp cloths for all of those blooper moments that we know will happen!

Prepare an extra outfit for both parents. I suggest bringing at least two options for clothing for both of you. I like to have one lighter option (creams, tans, white) and one darker option (gray, black, blues/browns). Having options also helps when we have a new baby who is eager to mess up all of our plans!

Relax. We will work together to plan our session. The studio contains anything you may need, and I always cushion each newborn photo session with time before and after just in case you can’t leave the house on time. Please don’t worry! The absolute best thing you can do is relax, and your baby will be relaxed too.

At my studio, we always do a questionnaire for each of our photography clients to ensure that we capture the style you’re after. Contact me to set up your newborn photo session.

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Photography by Emily Payne

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