Want a perfect place to photograph a family in SAN FRANCISCO?

What makes a location amazing for taking family photographs?
For me, there are 4 key elements: Lighting, Background, Variety and sometimes Iconography.

When I am working with a family with 2 small children, I love having a large space for the children to run and play. It is even more perfect when that space has consistent lighting.

I love to have a background with leading lines but also one that is not distracting. After all, the stars of the show are your family members and we want them to shine.

Within one location, I love to get a variety of looks so it is important to be able to work around the location. Using different angles and points of view help create the variety I want to offer in each family portrait session.

In San Francisco, iconography is a big part of many of the sessions I photograph. I mean, BIG, like Golden Gate Bridge big! So, often, we need a location that can showcase the GGB AND have the other 3 key elements as well.
For this sweet family of four, we chose the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. It is one of my favorite locations for family sessions.

Check out all of the fun place for the kids to run and hide. We played chase, peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek. It was so much fun!  Mom and dad are in love with the photos! Mom said, “The photos are amazing! Thank you so much for doing such a great job… I am so happy we waited the location and the weather was perfect :)”


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Photography by Emily Payne

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San Francisco

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