Love in the Family!

What a beautiful family we just had here in the studio! Big sister, Madeleine, showed her little sis how to pose, smile and say cheese! The two girls were so sweet. I have to say that getting a toddler in a photo with a newborn is one of my biggest challenges. However, this was almost easy! Madeleine was such a great listener and really did everything we requested. (There may have been a mention of ice cream..!) Little sis Charlotte was asleep when she arrived but quickly realized she did not want to miss out on this family event! I just sent these photos over to Mom and she said, “Thank you so much! The pictures are beautiful! .. I have already looked through them three times and will look through them numerous more times before I can start to narrow them down!” I am thrilled with these photos too!

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Photography by Emily Payne

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San Francisco

Newborn Photographer