Lauren and Yanior visit San Francisco! | San Francisco Photographer

Lauren planned an adventure packed week for her and her boyfriend in San Francisco for their anniversary. Coming from Florida, they were excited to try, do and see everything!

They wanted to have some photos of them around the city to take advantage of the views and scenery that they just don’t get in Florida. I was so excited they chose me to go along with them on this part of their adventure! I picked them up on their first morning in SF and was so excited that they had not seen anything yet! I got to show them some of my favorite parts of the city. On a side note, it was also my birthday, so I was glad to be out in the sun enjoying my city!

We stopped at Chrissy Field for some greenery and bridge photos, Inspiration point, a short detour over to China Beach, the Conservatory of Flowers, passed by the buffalo, the tulip garden and then around the Cliff house back to their hotel. Phew, it was more than they had bargained for!

It was such a treat to hear them say, “You would NEVER see anything like this in Florida”. They fell in love with San Francisco and allowed me to re-new  and refresh my love for it as well. Thank you!

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Photography by Emily Payne

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