Love the newborn Love!

You may know this about me… I love LOVE!

This family came to me while expecting their second child. We did a very special session with big brother, Avery, and his family before little Miles arrived. Avery loved the special attention he received from mom and dad while running through Bernal Hill. Once Miles arrived, the family was very eager to have newborn photographs taken at their home in Bernal. When the day came, I packed up all of my equipment and headed over. We set up a mini studio in their living room while both boys were sleeping, phew! We did some very sweet photographs of little Miles by himself and with his glowing mom. Mom and I were in awe at how serene and beautiful he looked in the different poses. After an hour, Avery woke up and was ready to participate! (It may have taken a few chocolate chips for him to sit next to his brother, but hey, it worked!) Newborn Miles and big Brother Avery now have sweet, beautiful photographs of their love(or momentary tolerance?) for each other. Mom was so happy to see these photos of the boys together.  She said to me, “Just looked at the pics and they look AMAZING!!! Thank you so much”. It makes me so happy to be able to capture these special and tender moments. Enjoy!



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Photography by Emily Payne

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