Trash the Dress!!

This was such a fun shoot! Danielle and Marisela are both long time clients of mine who came to me with the idea to trash their wedding and bridesmaids dresses. What fun! Danielle ordered these awesome pigments from India and the shoot was on!

We had planned to photograph outside but you can never count on San Francisco weather so we ended up in the studio. The girls put on their dresses and nervously got ready for the color fight to start! The energy was high and the mood was fun and silly! We got warmed up with some fun pre-color shots. Then the color battle began! They threw the colors at each other leaving streaks of die in the air and color blasts on their faces and dresses.

At one point, Marisela was on the ground while Danielle sprinkled (or doused) color on her face. Four little kids stopped at the window to watch the action! I overheard their dad say, “you guys are witnessing artists creating art.” I thought that was really cool!



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Photography by Emily Payne

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San Francisco

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