Rob and Christina Get Married!

Picture the most romantic German medieval village with two rivers that converge in the center of town. Now picture a man from America eagerly studying the German language to marry the love of his life… Well, you don’t have to picture it, I did!
This was one of the most beautiful and romantic weddings I have ever seen. The bride and groom were restless with nerves even though they had technically been married for a year. They said their vows in German at a traditional Catholic church in Wertheim. The party moved outside to celebrate, have sweet breads, champagne and toast the newlyweds. It is a tradition in Germany to have cute gifts and games after the ceremony. Rob and Christina were presented with a huge heart drawn on fabric which they raced to cut out. Once the heart was cut out, Rob had to carry Christina through the open heart as a gesture of their love for one another and for good luck.
The guests were treated to a river cruise in the summer sun (although many guests headed for the reception early to catch the Germany/Argentina World Cup match!) The reception was beautiful with a patio on the river.  We were treated to 80’s and 90’s American songs sung with a German accent, it was fabulous! The sunset lasted forever as the sun went down after ten. Guests mingled and meandered on the path along the river until it was time to dance!
Toasts in German and English brought tears to everyones eyes including mine. It was a fabulous meeting of two beautiful souls. I am so lucky to have been invited to witness this tremendous love and momentous occasion!

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Photography by Emily Payne

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