Mother Earth Mother…

Well, this is definitely one of the coolest shoots I have ever done in the studio! Diana Bort, owner of and Sage Femme came up with an idea for her upcoming book… She wanted to combine the idea of the “Mother” with “Mother Earth”. The idea evolved into having Julia, a painter and long time friend, paint our earth onto a pregnant belly and for me to photograph the belly. Julia did some research to find a non-toxic, completely safe way to paint onto Amy’s soon-to-be son.
The ladies all came over to the studio in San Francisco on an overcast day. The massive windows all open to let in beautiful soft light. The mood was energetic, excited and fantastic!

Here, Julia starts with a blue base. Our earth covered mostly with water.. The Mother sat patiently, completely fascinated with the whole process.



Julia worked with in my studio so we could be ready on the set when she was done painting. The light was soft and cool, just the way it should have been!

We loved working together and had such a fun time, we thought we would document our success at creating our own mother earth!

After Julia finished painting, I moved our mother, Amy, to the backdrop set up in the studio. She was so excited and had such a good time posing with her belly! I stayed within the ideas that we talked about for the book, but also went my own direction!

Pregnant momma holding mother earth.


I loved working with this beautiful woman and beautiful belly.

The sun came out for a moment to say hi.. and I could not let that moment get away from me! I moved her to the right spot to get this very cool spot light on her belly.

This was one of the last photos that I took as you can see the paint cracking on her belly. It seemed to simulate a topographical map!
Thank you so much to Diana, Julia and Amy for making this shoot such a success! I am so happy to share these beautiful pregnant belly photos and am very lucky to have had this opportunity.

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Photography by Emily Payne

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San Francisco

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