Alabama Birth Coalition… Birmingham May 3rd

Lets get active people!

Sage Femme and EP images are headed to Eutaw, Alabama on May 3rd, 2008 to celebrate and document Margaret Charles Smith Day. Sage Femme has been asked to provide the documentary, “Miss Margaret” and Diana Paul, Executive Director, will be the keynote speaker.

“Miss Margaret” is a film about Granny Midwife, Margaret Charles Smith. Mrs. Smith was one of the last great midwives in the Deep South. She delivered over 3,500 babies never losing a mother. She passed away peacefully in 2004, but we want her thoughts, morals and ideals to live on.

“Kind words does it all” -Margaret Charles Smith

The Alabama Birth Coalition has teamed up with Sage Femme and have arranged for screenings of the film at a prominent church in Birmingham the same weekend.

Why is this important?
IT IS ILLEGAL TO PRACTICE MIDWIFERY IN ALABAMA. Our goal is to raise awareness and show support for the midwives there and to let the government know that women should have the choice.
If you are interested in seeing the film or having a screening in your town, please contact Diana Paul at
Please also visit the Alabama Birth Coalition’s website for more information:

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