Easter in Paradise

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April 9, 10 2007
Having an entire weekend off is rare so I try and do something fun when I can!
Jim and I drove to Paradise and Magalia, about 3 hours North for three days with his family. Saturday morning we took off in a four seater plane with Jim, Jim’s dad, myself and the pilot…
Yikes! We were excited but nervous..

The Plane was built in 1979… exactly when these headphones were made. Awesome!Fethear Falls and River…

Part of the river and outlet to Lake Oroville, I think..

We also did some family photos..
Dogwood was in full bloom, white and pink
Brake was on for sure… Went for a ride in the ’57
We took the Suburu off road and I got to test out a new lens and my NEW CAMERA!!
We drove to a town called, Oregon City and Cherokee.. old gold mining towns that were husling and bussling over a hunred years ago..

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Photography by Emily Payne

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